Friday, December 21, 2007

Solstice Cross A.K.A. Cyclo-Solstice

I am here to tell y'all about the wonder and joy that is known as Turtle Bay East. You may think you've been there and done that but if you have not ridden it since last week end you are in for a big surprise! There is a new geo/aquatic feature there, a bloody LAKE! I hit that baby at top speed, hydro planed out about 15 feet and sank to the axles. Which made the rest of my hour practice out there last night around 4 P.M. extra challenging. But by Gaw, my thermos fulla Chai/Rice Dream/Honey so hot it'll singe your tonsils was Fine!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man.. there's nothing like a cup of "old chai". Check out my uncle's recipe from his blog. It takes a little work, and some experimentation to get the mixture of spices just right, but when you nail it, it is bloody delicious.