Monday, December 31, 2007

Don't forget to eat your Black Eyed Peas!

A wonderful New Year's tradition 'round yere... as well as millions of other California/Okie homesteads is a big ol' messa Black Eyed Peas! I buy the fresh one's at Raley's or Safeway. Rinse them very well, then blanche them in boiling water. Now you have a wonderful start to a virtually limitless number of healthy dishes. Ma allus cooked 'em up with a few scraps o' white bacon, but se'ens how I went Kosher back in the 70's (Damn those Hassidic Hippies!) I caint eat 'em that aways enna more. Happy New Year!!! Be Safe! Peace out, Shalom!

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ThomG said...

I loves the black-eyed peas with a mess o' bacon. Damn the hippies, full pork ahead!