Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't barf into the wind!

So I talked Randy at Bikes Etc. into racing his beautiful CoMotion tandem bike at the Anderson Park cyclocross. We set the bike up Friday night, took a one mile road ride on it Saturday and raced it on Sunday. I am amazed at how nice our barrier crossings were and how well we worked together. Randy was killing me in the sections that we decided to just run and he told me to chill a bit during parts of the ride. All and all I can see how with some work a tandem team could really do quite well. Just be sure that the captain doesn't barf while you're at speed!

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Anonymous said...

That was great to see a tandem out there. I was cracking up as I watched you guys go through the disc golf section. Awesome. It was also cool to see a couple of unis out there too.