Friday, December 28, 2007

The Hippo sings tonight!

So by now y'all have heard about the dang old hippopotamus communication system. What's that, you say it's news to you? Well check this out! Hippos make sounds in both air and under water, and, with their heads in an amphibious position (eyes and nostril above the water but mouth and throat below), are able to transmit sounds in both media simultaneously. The whale, as we all know, is a mammal. Mammals (as a whole) did not evolve in water. At one time or another the ancestors of the whale lived on land, probably much like the dang ol' hippo. Give it a couple o' 10 million years and who knows where ol' hippo gonna be. I'm thinkin' Planet of the Hippos?


Anonymous said...

I love your brain, Ozzy!

fuzzballdaddy said...

which inevitably brings us to the old philosophical conundrum: How do you know you are not just a brain in a laboratory vat being electro/chemically stimulated (by some evil scientist) to experience this thing you call your life!?

Anonymous said...

"Planet of the Hippos"... sounds like a great follow-up to my film, "Ferral Cows." It is kind of a bovine zombie flick.