Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am, The Man In the Lawn Chair.

And by Gaw, if ya get it, You are a very big winner indeed!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Face Up

You turn my head
I spin my wheels
Running on empty --
You know how that feels
I'm on a roll now --
Or is it a slide?
Can't be too careful
With that dangerous pride
If I could only reach that dial inside
And turn it up
FACE UP -- Or you can only back down
FACE UP -- Hit the target, or you better hit the ground
FACE UP -- There's still time to turn the game around
FACE UP -- Turn it up --
Or turn that wild card down
Turn it up
Don't complain
Don't explain
I don't think my new resolve
Can stand the strain
I'm in a groove now --
Or is it a rut?
I need some feedback
But all the lines are cut
I get so angry, but I keep my mouth shut
And turn it up
You get all squeezed up inside
Like the days were carved in stone
You get all wired up inside
And it's bad to be alone
You can go out, you can take a ride
And when you get out on your own
You get all smoothed out inside
And it's good to be alone
Turn it up! Rush- Roll The Bones

Monday, February 6, 2012

Well! I'm Off!

I remember reading about a man who was going to make a pilgrimage from the town of Mt. Shasta, up the old Everett Memorial Highway, to the top of the mountain. He made elaborate preparations in the form of a handmade leather apron, knee pads, gloves etc. There was a write up in the paper as I recall. The big day finally arrived and with his support team, they headed off. Several hours later the man was bruised and bleeding and he bailed out! Done! Never to return to the "accursed" mountain again! In the words of one of my heroes, "Sometimes our big splashes, are just ripples in the pool." Forgive us our cynical thoughts!