Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Truth Is Out There; Part Two of FEAR

I squinted in an effort to see beyond the blinding spotlight of the interrogation room. Who were these people and how many of them were in there? I repeated my statement. "I'm telling you the truth, my dad knows a man named Ted who lives in the Yollo Bolly Wilderness, in a cabin he built! He has a ton of books!" I pleaded. Just then over the intercom I heard a voice say, "Mr. H. There is a Mr. Seely here to see you." "Send him in!" He said. I continued my story. "This guy Ted says he used to be a professor at Berkley, he says he's going to re-write history!" I proudly announced. "That is the end of the interview!" My father said, as he entered the room.

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