Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Red Bluff 1972; Part one of FEAR

When I was in tenth grade at Red Bluff Union High School, my class was given the dreaded book report assignment. I decided that if I were to find a book that I thought no one (namely my teacher) had ever read, I could B.S. my way through and hopefully, get my famous C- grade. I selected this little book and wrote my heavily plagiarized report. Upon returning to class the day after handing in the assignment, I was met at the door by my teacher and the boy's V.P. I was told to accompany Mr. H to the office for a little talk. He took me to a room in the administrations building and there I discovered what appeared to be an interrogation room. I was informed that my father had been contacted and that I was to cooperate with the investigation or be expelled from school. All they wanted to know was, "Where did you get the book and where is it now?"

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