Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shoppin' Real Local.

A beautiful, mass-produced hipster bike is yours for only $880.00. Or, you can come on down to the Bike Barn, where Uncle Grandpa will hook ye up, all nice and proper-like, for peenys on the dollar. Uncle Grandpa also has all the tools you'd be needin' to work on yer handmade piece o'... I mean hillbilly-hipster bike! Some of Uncle Grandpa's latest creations include tributes to towns like Wacco Texas, Hogsnout Alabama, and his latest, Oroville California. U.G. says that the Oroville bike is, "nearly perfeck 'cept fer some orange -peelin' on the the top-bar!" Nothing a little work with the "finishin' hammer" won't help!

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