Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bust out the old kit!

Desperate times demand desperate measures. In a nutshell my CX season has been... abysmal! To recap, Race One; Enterprise, I got a brilliant start despite the much loathed Le Mans start and was rollin' the Bianchi to a top ten finish when I popped my left hamstring on the last run up an eighth of a mile from the finish. Race Two; Boom Town, sidelined with hamstring still healing, I was semi-amused to see BMX on a cyclocross course, a bit of a flow control that one! Race Three; Anderson Park, I returned to race one of my favorite venues only to get absolutely hosed on the first turn as 5 little brats on 20" bikes rode right over my front wheel. Then of course there was the 2 storey high rock pile/quad cramp/flat tire, dead last finish! Race Four; Turtle Bay, I rode my one-speed 69'r and had the ride of my life! I rode well within my physical ability and actually had a bit o' "in the trenches" banter with Paul from Chico as we raced. Unfortunately, I made the strategic error of not actually entering at the sign-in booth and since there was already a number on my jersey from last year (Hey, it was in the far recesses of the bus!)I got busted and DQ'd! My plan for the finale is to race under a fictitious name, incognito. I'll see you there, but you may not recognize me!

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