Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a Hot Dog!

These days preceding our local Cyclo-Cross season are times of emotional conflict for me. Now everything bicycle, is projected in my mind (see: Magic Theater) in terms of what kind of performance I will be able to muster...Mmm Mustard! And how I will be able to resist eating every tofu-dog in the house...What the F&*@! But seriously, My diet, my training, my's ridiculous! I rode up Rattlesnake to T.O.T.W. yesterday and felt like frickin' Homer Simpson. Thankfully, my descent down the backside to lower springs road felt great (my God, the traction!) By the time I came back in up the Sunset Bridges Trail, I felt like Levy Leep-Hammer! Probably this biggest concern I have can best by explained in the words of my 6'9" single speed buddy. "I don't relish the thought of getting it, HANDED TO ME!" Mmmm...Relish!

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