Monday, November 17, 2008

Cyclo-Cross Clinic.

Saturday Morning I attended the Cyclo-Cross Clinic at Enterprise Park.It was so nice to finally meet the Owen's Boys, without their Races faces on! I took my bro David "The Diesel" with me. Bro Timmy "The Smasher" showed up with his bike (which he ended up breaking, again!) Jonz Norine Gave a nice intro talk about the history of the sport and then started with basic techniques. My Tourette's started me into twitchin' pretty hard,(that or the seven bowls of Chai I drank) so I snuck out for a quick lap around the course. When I got back the group was starting in on some barrier work. Finally, Jonz announced that we would all take a lap together and then we would do a bit o' Kangaroo-Kross! What the heck is K.K. you ask? Well, we all broke into two person teams. Then the Captain of the team was given a small stuffed animal. The race was held relay style with the stuffed animal being handed off at the end of each lap. It was a blast and everyone had a lot of fun!

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