Friday, November 7, 2008

Coming Soon, "PAINFEST"

On Wednesday afternoon I climbed aboard my old stationary-bike/wind-trainer and headed out for parts unknown. Thanks to a CD of David Bowie's Greatest Hits, I rocketed off with Major Tom and did not return until I met up with a girl named Blue Jean! My plan is to work on cardio training instead of my usual anaerobic, leg-melting, ego-driven, peer-group-fueled, one-upmanship! That my friends I will save for cyclocross! I was talking to one of our local CX heroes yesterday, I won't name names, suffice it to say that he's about 6'9" and rides a one-speed. We both agree that any significant in-roads to CX fitness, between now and the first race, are fairly unlikely. Besides, how (short of securing a plastic bag over one's head and running a cross country foot race with an old 40 pound beach cruiser bicycle on one's shoulder) can one possibly ever consider oneself "READY" for cyclo cross?! I suppose being 25 years old might help a bit!

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