Monday, August 23, 2010

Gas Pipe Frames

I have been hearing the expression, "Gas Pipe Frame" rather often lately. I find it interesting that... WHAT? Who goes there? It is I, the creator of the entity you dare call, I. It's a perspective, far outside of your work-a-day PAUPER-dom! For you see, the real I, (Me) have created that as well. Turns out that REAL PEOPLE, have been expressing a growing sense of BORE-dom with regards to "your" OPINIONS! Damn you man behind the keyboard! It's a 1958 Bianchi 3-speed, somebody does give a rip about my Milano in the yard. You and your silly Kingdom of Castile!

1 comment:

San Fran Cup said...

I saw some really nice Glass Pipes at the annual Bicycle Swap Meet.