Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Up All Night

The problem could be coming from the large outer bearings that are usually on each side of the hub. Replace these bearings. On the coaster brake arm band side (which attaches to the frame with a clip with holes and a bolt and nut) there usually is a metal cover . This cover goes over the large bearing and the outside of the hub to protect it from dirt. If this cover is slightly bent or elliptical , the hub , while turning, could be rubbing against it. What brand coaster brake hub is this ? Some of the lower quality Taiwan or Chinese imitation Shimano brakes were very noisy right out of the box. What the issue seems to be is the metal brake pads inside the hub are rubbing on the knurls of the brake clutch. There is a spring inside the hub that pushes the clutch away from the brake pads, and when this spring is bent or messed up, the clutch rubs on the inside surface of the pads making the whirring noise.

I have replaced springs and "custom bent" them in a few attempts to solve this problem, but no success so far. This noise does not seem to affect the operation of the hub. As far as my "MEAL"... I shall have it Wednesday! San Fran Thai!

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