Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ash Wednesday

A series of semi miraculous happenings befell me yesterday, but I suppose that may have to do with a magic mind and an easily entertained heart. My old friend Ken Hood dropped in to say howdy. Then I saw Randy Thompson and his beautiful new BMW motorcycle. Then I found a bicycle tire that is no longer available, way back in the deepest recesses of Bikes Etc.'s tire room. It is the exact tire that I have on the front of my latest CX project. I was saddened to hear that although I could get the same tire brand new, it would only be available in a black wall. But alas! There it was, a matching gum wall, now I'm stylin' !!

Finally, I went to Mass with my Father-in-Law and we had a nice time. Although I do not concieve of myself as a particularly sinful person, perhaps no more than any ordinary man, I was touched and moved by the angelic antiphonic singing, so beautiful and soothing that I had to really fight back some serious eye watering. It was special.

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