Monday, January 9, 2012

WebFoot Mausoleum

I rode the F.B. Trail with a small group of friends yesterday. We worked our way to the Hornbeck Trail and then out the Upper Ditch Trail to the Chemise Peak overpass. As we rode we talked about our most beloved form of recreation, riding bicycles. We decided that something as special, to the lives of ourselves, our friends and our families, really should be memorialized, but how. Then, one of our most devoted members hit upon an idea. We will build a mausoleum out at the graveyard at Whiskeytown. So we are beginning a fund raiser to explore the possibility of building such a monument. We are thinking of a building made of local stone that will accommodate 30 souls. At $10,000 a piece, we'll make a lasting impression! Are we high? What do you think?

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