Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear SanFranCup

So those guys hammered off like some kind o' freight trian to HELL! I found Rob and Little Jim out by the Ribbon Bridge but Noel was gone. Since the route was to take the group out Hornbeck to the ditch trails to Shasta Dam, across the dam and then back down the Rail Trail back to the river trail, we crossed at the Ribbon and rode out, up and over to the Keswick Boat Ramp. It was there that we waited for almost an hour and then finally bailed, waiting for the group to arrive. I didn't get home until 1 p.m. after bonking badly, do to lack of food. I usually don't eat a "breakfast" when we ride early, just snack on a Clif bar after an hour of riding. I am used to getting home by eleven-ish and then eating something substantial. Web-Foot will be short and wet. Love.

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