Saturday, October 10, 2009

Roll That Beautiful Dog Footage!

Here is another flippin' sweet Bike Swap flyer. As an Art Major, I hope you will ALLOW ME TO CRITIQUE THIS PIECE AND EXPLAIN WHY IT HAS SO CAPTURED MY HEART.
The texture of the wienies in the real scene can be overwhelming to photograph. You've managed to simplify this and yet it still tells us they are wienies.
There is a nice feeling of depth.
The perspective is true.
The blue and red clothing on the figure helps the main subject stand out.
The colored buildings at the center invite us to row in and follow the boat.
The water has a nice feeling to it because the ripples make the water look like it's moving. At least that's the way I seen it!

1 comment:

San Fran Cup said...

The dogs are good but that veggie chili is to die for.
This event way outshines Cool April Night!