Saturday, March 21, 2009

So Much, So Fast!

Saturday morning rides with my brother D. always turn into veritable whirlwinds of shouted and yelled discussions that are punctuated with explosive outbursts of laughter and liberal pepperings of truly one-off points of view. It basically comes down to this. My insanity meshes well with his. One or the other of us will start in on a topic and then the flippin' cascading menus start displaying in our old and slightly askew-ed minds and it's hang on Baby, here we go again! Often, it's hours or days latter that I remember having touched on some subject that really does deserve some semi-serious consideration, without all the human-atom bomb-like responses that spring out of my slobbering Tourette's maw! Good ride Brother!

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San Fran Cup said...

My new kite-bike is ready for a trial run.